Corona Treatment Machine
The use of Corona treatment is an effective way to increase the surface tension of virtually any material. Corona treatment create an electrode spark, which passes through the substrate, increasing its surface energy. Oxygen molecules within the discharge area break apart and are free to bond to the ends of the molecules in the material being treated, resulting in a chemically activated surface. This method can be used on numerous substrates without damaging heat-sensitive plastics. The result is a surface unchanged to the naked eye, but one that is much more receptive to ink and other coatings.
In-line treatment is the best way to ensure that the surface tension is in the acceptable range at the time of printing. The value associated with corona treatment is called a dyne and a general aim point is a dyne level of at least 40 dyne/cm2.

icon.gif Application 

Common corona treated media

include polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, vinyl, PVC, PET, metallic surfaces, paper,

paperboard stock, and other material.

icon.gif Spec


MJ 2000 Corona Treatment Machine

Power Source

220V, 50~60Hz

Max. Power Consumption


Net Weight


Open Height


Box Dimension of High Volt TR

210mm X 180mm X 175mm