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Acrylic Sheet
Acrylic is an incredibly versatile and
useful plastic for applications
requiring transparency.

Acrylic is an incredibly versatile and useful plastic for applications requiring transparency. 

Cast, Continuous Cast and Extruded Acrylic are lighter alternatives to glass and are 

available in a wide selection of thicknesses, colors, finishes, shapes and sizes.

Acrylic is manufactured in two versions- cast and extruded.

Extruded Acrylic Sheet is manufactured by using a continuous extrusion process. 

Because an extrusion based process is used to manufacture the sheet, 

extruded acrylic has a lower molecular weight than sheets produced 

in the cell cast process.

This process creates a more economical sheet and tighter tolerances. 

Cast Acrylic Sheet provides the greatest optical clarity and stability. 

The process of casting yields a more rigid product, 

making it more chemical resistant and suited for applications that require 

thick, clear and distortion free material.

Extruded Acrylic:

- More economical

- Better thickness tolerance

- Thermoforms faster

- Less particle contamination to the sheet


- 10 times more impact resistant than glass.

- 50% lighter than glass.

- Can expand and contract 8 times as much as glass.

- Can be easily cut, drilled, routed, polished, cemented, laser cut and thermoformed.

- 92% light transmittance on clear sheets.

- Withstands exposure to sun, extreme cold, sudden temperature changes and salt water.

- Will not deteriorate, crack, discolor or become brittle after many years.

- Maximum continuous service temperature is approximately 180F to 200F, 

  depending on the application and grade.

- Breaks into large pieces which reduces injury.

- FDA, USDA and NSF compliant.

- Meets many local, city, state and government regulatory building codes.

Leading Markets:

- Aerospace

- Bath & Sanitary Ware

- Construction

- Glazing

- Manufacturing

- Marine / Aquariums

- Medical

- Optical

- Point-of-Purchase / Displays

- Retail

- Security

- Transportation