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Luminescent Sheet
Glow in the dark, photo luminescent film and board are PVC sheets with glow material applied on them. Glow film and board are two different products.

Glow in the dark, photo luminescent film and board are PVC sheets with glow material applied on them. Glow film and board are two different products.
Glow film is made from soft PVC and is flexible and can be cut easily into any required shape, either with a pair of scissors or by die-cutting. Glow board is made from hard PVC and is a rigid and non flexible piece.
These luminous products come with or without a layer of transparent PET protective sheet. The purpose of this PET sheet is to provide additional protection to the glow surface. You can also choose between adhesive and non adhesive backing.
Adhesive backing enables the film or board to be stuck on any normal, flat surface, free from oil or grease. While this product can be used outdoors, the adhesive is not strong enough for outdoor use. Silk Screen Printing is the only direct printing method suitable for this product.
This product is a finished product and can be used to create glow signs, designs (by indirect printing), labels, or route markers in emergency situations.

Photo taken
Photo taken
Photo taken
in normal light
within 1 minute
after 30 minutes

1) Lumi vinyl paper sheet
A4 size
2) Lumi vinyl paper sheet with adhesive
A4 size
1-1) Lumi vinyl paper sheet
2-1) Lumi vinyl paper sheet with adhesive
3) Lumi vinyl gloss sheet
A4 size
4) Lumi vinyl gloss with adhesive
A4 size
3-1) Lumi vinyl gloss sheet
4-1) Lumi vinyl gloss with adhesive
For lumi gloss sheet, it has protection film on the surface, Please peel off it before printing
Packing for A4 size
Packing for : 30LM/Roll

Auto mobile grade tape LG2100 LG2200 LG2300 LG2300G
Thickness(mm) 0.8 0.8 1.1 1.1
Color White Gray White Gray
Liner PE Film PE Film PE Film PE Film
Adhesino(g/inch) 3,700 3,600 4,700 4,500
Stear strength(kg/in) 57 52 48 55
Temperature(C) 120 120 120 120
Holding power(mm) 0.5 1.0 0.5 No creep


MOOJIN LUNINESCENT products Co. specializes in developing, manufacturing and distributing the novel concept of high-tech PHOTOLUMINESCENT MATERIAL.
The product is the rare earth activated silicate aluminates photo luminescent pigment and its related products.
With our constraint research, science and technology in the field of photo luminescent development, we stand committed to exploitation and manufacture of luminous materials.
Based on re-search, lead by the market, our aim is to make popular the LUMINIOUS MATERIALS, persisting in the field of innovation and high efficiency.
We endeavor to provide safe, stable, convenient, colorful environment protected light resource for the indication, display and decoration field.


It is a self-adhesive luminescent film easily to be used. It can be pasted to anywhere you want, also can be cut into any graph, figure and pattern, or be screen printed, adhered by color paper on the surface. It not only can be used in decoration, public places (such as hotel, corridor, building, cinema, warehouse, cabin and passage way entertainment places etc.,) but also the sports goods, stationery, toys, switch, handle, telephone and electrical equipment etc.
These products can be used in traffic, fire control, ships and decorations. Customers can clip it into all kinds of designs and fonts according to their own request.Type I can only be used indoor,type II can be used both indoor and outdoor. It can also be stick to the different substrate such as metal, wood, plastic, wall, etc. Please clean the stick place thoroughly before using.