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Flexible packaging
MOOJIN Chem Ltd. believes in customer's priority by providing products with the premium quality and service through the choicest economic method according to the customer demand.


icon.gif Features

icon02.gif We provide customers with quick-service system for image processing, equipment such as plate making, printing, and whole production processing and seek to accomplish the best quality and service for our customers.
We understand customer's satisfaction that presents quick cause analysis and reform measure connecting with the quality charge and technology support section in the institute. If the customer is not satisfied with our research & development and quality, a tendency arises to enhance the work to meet the customer requirement with the development and research under the responsibility of reform.

icon02.gif We believe in the choicest equipment, environment, and safety of work surrounding for producing finest goods with the practice of TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) as we have the confidence of our cusomer in maintaining sanitary tests that remains solvents by the authorities and through our own test.
icon.gif Usage
- Vacuum Packing 
- Liquid Packaging 
- Sachets 
- Snack Foods 
- Retort Pouches 
- Toy packs 
- Capsules
- Aluminum-Rid