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Fox 7 oz 5M Billboard
MOOJIN is the supplier of digital and screen printing media from Grand-format to Small-format.

With supplying Laminated, Coated, Mesh, Blockout and Backlit substrates (Up to 197 width) to all over the world.

The general manager, Mr. CH Nam, has over 25 years experience in LG Chem.
So, now we have dedicated and knowledgable supporting staffs.

We can give you the excellent support with high quality and competitive price.

   Weight : 7 oz (=240gsm)

• Color : White/Black
• Width : ~ Up to 197 (=5.0M) MOOJIN Fox Super Lite 5M Banner 7oz

**Advantages of  Fox Super Lite Banner 7oz:

1) Very Good Printing Results with high Speed U/V HP XP5500 Series 5M
   and Solvent printers
2) 6 or 9 CORE Jumbo Rolls (300 to 500YDS/RL) Available
3) Available up to 197 in width
4) Much lighter than previous  billboard materials
5) Easy Installation
6) More recyclable than previous traditional heavier billboards 
7) Formulated for eye-catching colors
8) Outdoor billboard and banner applications
9) Strong, durable and flexible

MJ XP5300 Lab.jpg

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