Banner 5.8m Lami Machine
Our Korean Made Laminating Machine can provide following items
with definite advantages.
1. Item
1) Tarpaulin: Industrial/Screen Tarpaulin,
Tarpaulin for Window Curtain / Pool Cover
2) Banner: Frontlit, Backlit and Blockout Banner(Gravure Coating)
3) Width of Product: Upto 5.1m Width
2. Advantages
1) Direct Roll Winding System from Production Line: 50 or 100LM/R
2) Maximum Heating Drum Temperature: 190C
3) Temperature Deflection of Heating Roll: 1.5C


1) This machine consists of one-line system

    (Un-winding, Preheating, Heating, Laminating, Cooling, Accum,  

     Trimming, Cutting, Checking, Winding & Packing)

2) Width of Product: 3000mm ~ 5100m

3) Product Speed: 8m/min ~ 35m/min

4) Machine Speed: 4m/min ~ 40m/min

5) Diameter of Un-Winding & Winding: 90mm(min) ~ 800mm(max)