Non Tacky Clear PVC Film with Slight Dust
MOOJIN Non Tacky Clear PVC Film with "slight dust" is produced by world class advanced level, highly precise new system production equipment made in Germany. The completely new technology turns a new page in making environment friendly PVC products. The quality management is being strictly controlled and managed in accordance with relative restrictions of standards which include EN-71 part 3, ASTM-963.ROHS, phthalate free, etc. to meet the market demand.

* Non Tacky Clear PVC Film with slight dust :

◈Standard Size

>> 12G x 54” x 150lbs

>> 7.5G x 54” x 150lbs

>> Custom Size Available



>> Good Transparency & Flexibility

>> Good Lay flatness & Chamber

>> Low Shrinkage

>> Minimum Fish eyes, Gel marks & Flow marks



>>Common process (bath shade, tablecloth, the bag of carpet).

>>Neff toys and infantile things.

>>Stationery and book cover.