PC with Hard Coating
Solid Polycarbonate Sheets offer the highest levels of glazing performance where transparency or tailored light transmission along with high impact strength is of vital importance.

Solid P.C. Sheets have very high Impact strength
(over 200 times the impact strength of glass and over 10 times the impact strength of FRP & Acrylic),
making them the ideal choice for place where the safety issue arise.
Our P.C with hard coating protect from breakage and will reduce the cost of building maintenance.
And our P.C is very durable and long lasting by virtue of their high impact strength and UV Protection.

a. Double insulted window of air-conditioned coaches with outer in Bronze and inner in clear glass
b. Outer layer of the main air conditioned railway coaches (Inner : Glass)
c. Single layer glazed window for the engine in front and back
d. Single window for Metro/Tube


Specific Gravity D792 - 1.2
Tensile Strength D638 kg/㎠ 550~700
Tensile Elongation D638 % 50~100
Compressive Strength D659 kg/㎠ -
Bending Strength >D790 kg/㎠ 850~950
Bend Elasticity Modulus D790 10-4kg/kg/㎠ Over 2.1
Impact Strength D256 M87~91 50~100
Thermal Conductivity D177 10-4㎈/㎝ sec℃ 4.6
Specific Heat - ㎈/℃g 0.26~0.28
Thermal Expansion Temp. - 10~5㎜/㎜℃ 6~7
Thermal Deformation Temp. D648 ℃(18.4kg/㎠) 134~140
Light Transmission - % 85~91
Combustibility D635 - Self-extinguishing
Yellowing ASTM D1925 % Less than 2%